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Category 5E Cable Types

What speeds can i get from Category 5E cabling

Category 5E cable runs at 1 gigabit but it is limted on bandwidth which is restricted to a 100mhz category 5e was first introduced in the early 2000 replacing category 5 cable which only worked at 10/100mbs.

Category 5E is used in most modern day networks but due to its limitation in bandwidth 100mhz many organisations use either category 6 or 6A.

Under the standards EN 50173 & ISO/IEC 11801 the cable grades have been replaced with a class of cable, category 5e falls under Class D cabling designers and consultants use the standards to verify the classification.

Also in the standards they have made some changes which manufacturers adhere to

cables are now classed as the following for Class D

  • U/UTP = Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • F/UTP = 1 foil outer and all four pairs unshielded twisted pair
  • F/FTP = 1 Foil outer and then individual pairs with an outer foil
  • STP = Shielded twisted pair normally braided shield and all pairs with individual foils

Always check the manufacturers guidelines and datasheets for indepth information 


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