28-Mar-2015 07:46 PM

Category 6 Cable Types

Category 6 cable has been around since the early 2000 and is installed in modern day networks depending on the clients budgets, most IT staff think that it the same as category 5e cable as both cables support gigabit transmission speeds.

So why choose category 6 instead of cat5e cabling

Cat5e works at 1 gigabit but only has limited bandwidth at 100mhz

Cat6 works at 1 gigabit but has higher bandwidth at 250mhz or some manufactures have manufactured theirs at 350mhz.

Due to the higher bandwidth cat6 cable is the ideal network choice in modern day networks especially in a unified converged network, and IP CCTV networks, video conferencing and VoIP networks, advances in applications have become bandwidth hungry and requires cat6 cable, as this reduces the burden on the network.

Some manufacturers also say that 10gig speeds can be achieved with the maximum distance of 50 meters with 10gige connectors, due to the misunderstanding installers still install cat5e cable as its cheaper and can achieve the speed of 1 gigabit and dont check the customer exact requirements.

Classification of Cat6 is Class E and also has the following like any other cable type:

  • U/UTP = Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • F/UTP = 1 foil outer and all four pairs unshielded twisted pair
  • F/FTP = 1 Foil outer and then individual pairs with an outer foil
  • STP = Shielded twisted pair normally braided shield and all pairs with individual foils


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