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Category 6A Cable Types

Category 6 A cable is a copper 10gige solution and has a bandwidth of 500mhz most organisations have bypassed Cat6 and gone for Cat6A.

Most data centres now install Cat6A as a minimum requirement as data centres are bandwidth hungry most SAN (storage area networks) within the data centres that provide hosting and additional services use cat6A with a fibre optic backbone.

When we look at testing of Cat6a we need to take into consideration alien crosstalk this is vital in unshielded cat6a networks, with POE + and new wireless AC standards the requirement for shielded networks become the normal standard. By using shielded solution it reduces alien crosstalk within the network.

Category 6A types

  • U/UTP = Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • F/UTP = 1 foil outer and all four pairs unshielded twisted pair
  • F/FTP = 1 Foil outer and then individual pairs with an outer foil
  • STP = Shielded twisted pair normally braided shield and all pairs with individual foils

Category 6A is also classed as Class Ea the (A) being augmented a true 10gige Base T solution


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