28-Mar-2015 08:08 PM

CCA Counterfeit Cable

What is CCA cable

CCA stands for copper clad aluminium and should not be used for data grade cabling, unfortunatley this type of cable is sold to electricians and installers by wholesalers the box of cable looks exactly the same but weighs less than a standard box of cable. Some are even marked exactly the same and is hard to recognise for IT staff they put their trust in electricians and data cabling installers to install the correct cable type for their networks.

As cost plays the most important role in winning a job most untrained installers and electricians choose counterfeit cable as they are not aware of the issues they face, they buy from electrical or network wholesaler as untrained people advertise data cabling services as the industry is unregulated the end user gets a network unfit for purpose.

If tested using a level 4 tester it becomes quickly apparent that the cable will not pass the standard tests for its performance.

How to spot CCA/CCS cable

  • Check the end of the cable if not a copper colour in the centre then it’s probably counterfeit.
  • Carry out a burns test
  • Check the markings on the cable if it doesn’t have the grade i.e. Cat5e data grade verified to EN 50173 and other test standards
  • Check the markings on the box check the UL reference ID 



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