Fibre Optic Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme

The connection voucher scheme set up by the government under the urban broadband scheme, allows the small to medium enterprise businesses to claim up to £3000 grant towards the installation of super-fast broadband and ultra-fast fibre optic broadband solution.

This covers the cost for the network infrastructure and customer hardware not the ongoing rental, vouchers can be grouped together to deliver a solution to business centres and business parks.

Landlord Solutions

The landlord can now get the whole business centre or park enabled using independent providers instead of the main providers to deliver a solution that will go beyond the expectation of the end user.

Businesses always look to see what the broadband offering is before signing a lease with the landlords, broadband is the fourth utility and is a must have for any business. Now is the chance to take advantage of the scheme and get a free connection.

The voucher scheme is currently available across 50 major cities around the United Kingdom it was recently extended from 20 cities and the scheme will only run until March 2016 or maybe sooner if the funds run out. Businesses, Landlords, and Agents are encouraged to take advantage of the scheme and engage with TNS to fibre the buildings whilst the funds are available.

What can TNS offer?

Total Network Solutions have a number of solutions, whilst most providers on the scheme resell BT, Virgin, Talk Talk etc we don’t, we have a number of proven solutions that we have already deployed across the UK, using either pure fibre optic broadband or wireless broadband.

You think you already have fibre from BT using FTTC, well unfortunately you don’t it is delivered on your existing copper wires using a wholesale model

TNS have a number of solutions these include the following:

  • GPON fibre optic broadband (business centre/park solution)
  • Fibre point to point (business centre/park solution)
  • Wireless broadband
  • Individual businesses using FTTC

Fibre Optic Broadband Specialist

We specialise in group vouchers enabling business parks and centres around the UK we install a new fibre optic infrastructure and use the latest state of the art equipment right down to the router which again is fibre, no copper cabling is used.

Our prices are in line with your standard broadband connection except there is no line rental like you would have normally just pure fibre technology.

If you are a landlord or a business owner talk to us today on 01782 914001 and see how we can transform your business.