Rural Fibre Optic Broadband Solutions

Rural areas still suffer from slow broadband speeds as large operators concentrate on larger areas for broadband deployments mainly larger towns and cities. Some rural areas have starting to build their own broadband networks like B4RN and many others.

All rural communities should have access to faster broadband speeds. TNS work with rural and small communities to help alleviate the issue of slow broadband and design and install bespoke rural broadband solution enabling the communities achieve faster broadband speeds that they deserve.

Working in partnership

TNS work in partnership with organisations providing the specialist skills to enable rural broadband solution, many communities like to own their own network like B4RN who own shares in the network, the type of technology used is a broad mixture of wireless and fibre optic cabling, a small village may have a street side cabinet where all the fibre is terminated and remote buildings maybe connected with wireless technology.

Support services

Designing a rural broadband network can be complicated it’s not just about getting fibre in the ground the network needs to documented and put on a GIS platform with locations of joints and network hardware schematic drawings are essential for ongoing support.

TNS work liaise with specialist suppliers to ensure the network design is correct and engage with external parties for civils construction, on completion we assist in the training of the network allowing the community to support itself and manage the network.

Supporting you every step of the way is vital we are here to provide the knowledge and expertise during and after the network is complete, we will train you to become self efficient and we can be called upon at anytime to provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support.

Grants and funding

Normally grants are made available from organisations like BDUK and investment from the community or private equity firms.

Working with TNS to deliver rural broadband is simple we work with the local communities offer a wide range of solutions, utilising latest state of the art fibre and wireless broadband solutions, enabling rural broadband networks to prosper and cherish. Why should rural areas be served with poor underperforming solutions from large operators, we provide open access next generation broadband allowing other operators to utilise the network and serve the rural broadband community.

If you would like to talk to us about our rural broadband solution then please call us on 01782 914001 where a consultant will discuss the options available to you allowing your community to be better served with fast dedicated fibre optic broadband say goodbye to copper slow band and hello to the fibre revolution.