Lightning Broadband

Supplying High-Speed Broadband Solutions into Business Centres and Parks

Total Network Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of their high-speed, fibre optic broadband system. This service is available for the vast majority of UK based Business Centres and Parks.

What is Lightning Broadband?

A corporate based broadband system that provides high-speed Internet through the provision of fibre optic lines and network terminals.

Government Grants

Connected Cities, a government funded scheme allows UK based businesses to receive a grant for up to £3000. This scheme has been extended until March 2016. Assistance with the application is provided by the Support Team at TNS.

Why Sign up for Lightning Broadband?

Total Network Solutions are experts in the delivery of high speed Internet solutions. Working directly with the government TNS have developed a solution that is far superior to the services offered by well-known suppliers.

This service is ideal for landlords who are interested in providing clients with high speed broadband services UK.

Is this System Available in your Area?

Lightning Broadband is available throughout 22 major cities, to see if your business qualifies visit this website.

Cost of Installation/Service

If you qualify for the scheme you only pay the VAT on the installation.

Ongoing costs are as follows:

Code Product Description Cost
L30 Lightning 30 30 MBS upload/download £45.00 +vat
L50 Lightning 50 50 MBS upload/download £55.00 +vat
L100 Lightning 100 100 MBS upload/download £78.00 +vat
L200 Lightning 200 200 MBS upload/download £120.00 +vat

Additional Services

TNS offer additional IT related services in the following areas:

  • VoIP
  • Telecommunications
  • Networks
  • Data Cabling

How to Proceed

If you meet the locational requirements simply utilise the website forms or email TNS’s Support Team will respond as quickly as possible.