VoIP Business Solutions

TNS are experts in the installation of Voice over IP (VoIP) digital systems. From their Midlands based headquarters, the company are actively installing solutions directly into the corporate sector.

In the past VoIP business solutions were only available to large organisations. However in recent times the system has become widely available, this means businesses of all size are able to take full advantage of the technology.

As technological enhancements continue to grow, VoIP based solutions have become more reliable than structured ISDN services. They also provide reliable back-ups in the event of a broadband network failure.

VoIP based business solutions are cost effective, as there’s no requirement to pay line rental fees, added to this the cost of calling is significantly cheaper (up to 60%). This is achieved through the use of SIP based technology. In the past 2 years TNS have migrated 100’s of clients over to VoIP based business solutions, these clients have witnessed a dramatic reduction in costs, as well as seeing an increase in efficiency.

VoIP technology is totally secure, integrated software make it impossible for hackers to hijack a system.

TNS have grown to be one of the UK’s major players in the VoIP business solutions arena. If you would like to discuss this technology and the benefits it could bring to your organisation, simply call 01782 914001, email info@tnscomms.co.uk or utilise the website forms. A member staff will be on hand to deal with your enquiry in a professional manner. Please note TNS only employ technically astute customer service representatives, this means all enquires are deal with effectively.

We look forward to hearing from you.