Welcome to TNS Comms

Providing Innovative Network Solutions

Total Network Solutions (TNS) provide technical support in the area of IT infrastructure and telecommunications. From the Headquarters in Newcastle and Staffordshire professional support is offered to the UK’s corporate, industrial and residential sectors.

Our services extend from high value technically demanding projects, through to the installation of network and wireless systems.

Project management and planning is at the heart of TNS. We have the capability to manage multiple locations, whilst maintaining high standards. This is only possible through a strict system of work and sound management. All engineers comply with all aspects of Health and Safety.

TNS employ highly qualified experienced professionals who are respected within industry circles. By investing in skilled labour, we are assured of surpassing expectations.

Paul Forster, the owner and founder of TNS has a vision to provide top quality network and telecommunication support, that allows local businesses to prosper and grow.

The support elements of TNS make sure all projects run smoothly and high levels of communication are maintained at all times.

TNS comply with statutory legislation, details can be found here.

If you would like more information or believe you have what it takes to join our team, simply email info@tnscomms.co.uk