Caravan and Holiday Parks

Broadband Solutions

There is nothing worse than going on holiday and having no internet access or wifi and you become dependant on mobile data that's if you have a good signal or an over subscribed wireless network that has been installed and there are hundreds of users sharing the same slow speeds.

Well TNS is has taken a full fibre solution with a partner to a holiday resort that has a full fibre backbone and the active fibre equipment also provides a wireless access point within the accommodation. 

Holiday Park Installation Services

Total Network Solutions (TNS) has used our knowledge and wealth of experience from the rural broadband and network delivery, to holiday and caravan parks to provide a future proof solution with gigabit speeds if required. Our solution is cost effective to deploy and provides a return of investment for holiday sites. We still use fixed wireless for remote areas where fibre is not feasible. 


We work with existing provider to deliver a future proof solution the solution can be delivered both overhead or underground where possible delivering pure fibre optic solutions. If it is just a network refresh we can assist with the replacement of old wireless dishes or old copper cabling. from recent studies fibre delivery has proved to be more cost effective than wireless or copper delivery, and future proofed network infrastructure meaning only the hardware will eventually need replacing if moving to higher next generation platforms of 10 gigabit. 

Installation of fibre optic cabling can be delivered both underground and overhead our teams are able to deliver both solutions including:

  • Overhead fibre cables

  • Overhead fibre drop cables

  • Sub duct installation

  • Blown fibre tube installation

  • Blown cable

  • Blown fibre bundles

Surveying & Planning

As a specialist contractor we can provide value added services, unlike some installers, we are able to work with client to produce an extensive solution by working with them from a high level design brief to provide detailed surveys and work with clients to provide a solution for a rural deployment.


Surveys are vital form for the overall plan this cannot be done sat at a desk and using design automation, or online maps, surveys need to be conducted by physically attending site and walking the the proposed routes and documenting the findings. TNS will work with providers to deliver their solution and can advise on other proposals, from there we can produce a bill of materials and low level designs.

Splicing Diagrams & Network Drawings

Splice diagram2.JPG

Working with service providers and clients we are able to produce detailed splicing records for the network build as well as producing network drawing and bill of materials from our GIS platform we can provide location of underground structures, overhead poles, splice closures, fibre access terminals etc. On completion of the network we can provide up to date as built drawings with co-ordinates of the locations and circuit diagrams from cabinets to enclosures to end clients. 

Network Testing & Commissioning

Fibre Optic OTDR testing.jpg

We use the latest test equipment to test the network and produce detailed test reports in easy format so the client can understand them, these are produced in PDF format and also .SOR so they can be read on another OTDR. We have enhanced software functions on all our testers but we still use standard OTDR for advanced verification.

If you are a service provider or a PIA provider or even a community looking for assistance with your rural projects please feel to contact us to see if we can be of assistance remember TNS also offer a white labelled service please contact us on 01782 914001 or email us on or use the contact us page.