Consultation Services

Total Network Solutions (TNS) offers a network consultation service to new and existing clients. During these sessions important elements are analysed and discussed. Once a requirement is known our consultants aim to provide a list of workable solutions and if possible we offer a better solution at a reduced price. We are able to achieve this through our extensive knowledge of the IT industry.

Choosing TNS for your network consultation service is a step in the right direction. Our organisation holds 25 years’ experience in the industry. In this time we’ve serviced Blue Chip clients across the UK and mainland Europe.

Our face to face network consultation sessions are generally held in these locations:

  • TNS head office

  • Customer site

  • Potential new construction site

  • Meeting rooms

For virtual meetings we utilise:

  • Webex

  • Skype

  • Conference calls

The most important part of a network consultation session is gaining a full understanding of the task at hand. If a client is unsure of their actual requirements, we embark on a series of questions and answers. For those unfamiliar with technological terminology our consultants will provide information that’s easily understood. On completion of this task we will have sound knowledge on the actual requirements.

Common areas covered include:

  • Current and future cabling requirements

  • Application

  • Environment

  • Sustainability

  • Bandwidth requirements

  • Future growth

  • Specialist requirements

Our consultants are here to help; positive feedback from clients indicates these meetings are of vital importance to all parties. If you would like more information on our network consultation services, simply call 01782 914001 email or make use of our website forms. We look forward to hearing from you.