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Data Cabling Installation

Total Network Solutions (TNS) provides data cabling installation services to the UK’s corporate, industrial and educational sectors. Our fully qualified engineers are proficient with all ranges of cable, from Cat5e to Cat7a.

Selecting the right cable is vitally important, not only for supporting applications, but also for the future development of a network. Engineers at TNS have all the necessary expertise and technical knowhow to provide various data cabling installation options. These are discussed at length, during our consultation sessions.

If the smooth operation of a network is important, the supporting cable needs to be fit for purpose. This can only be guaranteed through the selection of a reputable installation company. All too often decisions are swayed by installation costs. Be aware, during our audits most issues point towards poor workmanship or the use of the wrong type of cable.

TNS only install quality data cabling solutions and systems that are backed by longstanding manufacturer’s warranties.

Suppliers we use include:

  • Brand-Rex

  • Optronics

  • Draka

  • Nexans

Internally our staff undergo regular training to make sure they are up to date on new technology and supporting techniques. This is part of our internal career development plan and to make sure the service on offer is the best it can possibly be.

Selecting a competent data cabling company can be a difficult task, our advice is simple:

Enquire about company related qualifications (ISO)

Request case studies

Enquire about vocational training certificates

Request a discussion with a manufacturer’s representative

By carrying out these steps diligently, you will be well on your way to selecting a competent data cabling supplier.

To discuss data cabling installation services please contact us on 01782 914001 or email us on or use the contact us page.

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