Emergency Support

Total Network Solutions (TNS) provides emergency support on UK based network infrastructures. If your system has malfunctioned or operating ineffectively, please call 01782 914001. Engineers have the capability to be on the ground within a few hours.

Emergency support covers:

  • Data cabling (copper & fibre optic)

  • Wireless access

  • Supporting hardware (routers, switches & servers)

TNS have the internal structure to support the UK’s corporate sector, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Statistical analysis shows business profitability can suffer as a result of network anomalies or failure.

Please note, in many instances emergencies can be avoided by adopting a precautionary approach. This is possible by booking a site survey.

During a technical survey an engineer will fully inspect and analyse a network infrastructure. If anomalies are present, they will be flagged up. TNS’s state of the art test rigs are the most advanced on the market.

Emergency network support is suitable for businesses of all size, from small/medium sized operations to large corporates.

If you have an emergency or would like to discuss a precautionary site survey, please call 01782 914001 the Support Team will process your enquiry in an effective manner. Alternatively please take advantage of the Quick Enquiry Forms.