Fibre Optic Broadband

Total Network Solutions are an approved government provider for the Connected Cities Voucher Scheme. We can provide superfast broadband to companies across all major cities in the United Kingdom.

TNS has been working with other broadband suppliers to deliver superfast broadband solutions nationwide and has developed a superfast fibre optic solution allowing customers to have faster connections with symmetrical speeds of up to 1 gigabit.

We are revolutionising fibre optic broadband by delivering true lightning fast fibre broadband across the UK. We have designed our lightning broadband system on an open next generation access platform, allowing other partners and systems operators to share the technology.

Why TNS Lightning Broadband

TNS has developed a dedicated fibre optic solution to give reliable superfast broadband. Some providers only retro fit the building using a copper based structured cabling networks. Fibre solutions are growing in the UK but many providers are still mixing copper with their fibre solutions. The TNS solution however is a full fibre only system.

Providers who offer FTTC fibre broadband use a copper pair from a street side cabinet with a DSLAM utilising VDSL. This is still slow compared to a dedicated fibre solution. It is also prone to faults which can affect the speed of the line.

What is the Connection Voucher Scheme?

The Connected Cities Voucher Scheme is available to businesses across England, Scotland and Wales. It is a grant provided by the government, the voucher is worth £3000 to provide faster broadband for your business. The grant provides a one off payment to build and supply new infrastructure so it’s ideal for business centres and business parks where only limited broadband speeds are currently available. By combining vouchers together in a business centre it allows everyone to get superfast broadband.

How Can I Get a Voucher?

If your business is in a qualifying area then you may be entitled to the £3000 connection voucher. If you are located in a business centre or business park contact us today so we can speak to your landlord to gain permission to provide the solution into the building.

Landlord Solutions

If you are a landlord or a property owner and want to supply your tenants with superfast broadband as part of a managed solution then talk to us. TNS can provide a fully installed fibre solution.

For more information contact us at or call us on 01782 914001