Fibre Optic Design

Having excelled in the fibre optic industry attaining over 20 years, TNS are specialist in the design of fibre optic networks for different environments and assist clients worldwide by offering our services to clients to support their networks.

Fibre optic network design requires specialist engineers to assist in the design of the network infrastructure. If designed correctly a fibre network can be maintained efficiently and cost effectively. Using software planning tools networks can be designed to meet not just today's requirements but the requirements of the future.

The design of the fibre optic network is key to any customer or operator having a detailed plan with fibre joint locations, cabinet locations etc. Allowing maintenance teams to be able to carry out task effectively. TNS have experience of designing the following types of fibre optic networks:

  • Fibre to the home

  • Fibre to the business

  • Fibre to the premises (multi dwelling units MDU)

  • Optical LAN’s

  • Passive optical networks (PON)

  • Fibre point to point (PTP)

  • Telecoms networks

  • Local area networks

  • Data centres

Having the experience in these fields has enabled our clients to prosper with their fibre optic networks and reduce costs, know the limits of fibre and new technology has put TNS as an industry leader, we use our knowledge and expertise to assist internet service providers to deploy fibre optic broadband solutions cost effectively around the globe.

TNS are a specialist fibre optic integrator who works for many organisations supporting network rollouts if you are interested in fibre optic design and installation services call us on 01782 914001 and a member of the team will assist you.