Fibre Optic Audits

Auditing of a fibre optic network requires experience and skill to ensure the network performs to its optimised level. Carrying out such tasks of fibre optic audits by specialist teams enables clients and operators to document operational fibres. TNS has carried out thousands of fibre optic network audits over the years

Why do we need a fibre optic audit?

Having an audit on your fibre optic network can prove to be cost effective. A client with a large network may have hundreds or even thousands of fibres. Carrying out routine maintenance and audits allows for documents to be updated and fibres can be tested to ensure that in the event of a network change the fibres are in optimal performance levels.

Having carried out thousands of fibre optic network audits we have come across a number of common issues that we have found over the years, these include:

  • Incorrect mode of fibres being used in patch cords

  • Different types of multimode fibre being joined together

  • Epoxy resin still on connectors

  • Sharp bends in fibre causing loss on the network

  • Dirty connectors on panels/ODF

  • Broken fibre

  • Damaged/broken fibre patch leads

  • Wrong connectors being used eg SC/SCAPC LC/LCAPC

  • Badly fusion spliced joints/panels

  • Many others

Fibre hygiene

99% of faults within a fibre network are caused by dirty and contaminated fibres, this happens regularly as it is assumed that a new fibre patch cord is clean when purchased in most cases they are not. The importance of fibre hygiene is imperative to keep the network operational.

Why TNS?

TNS are experienced in the field of fibre network audits, we produce detailed audit reports for clients to act upon, and we provide the following information as an example:

  • Ports in use with patching information

  • Length of fibre using OTDR’s

  • Fibre port inspection with test results

  • Fibre patching records

  • And many more

Clients can then either engage with us to provide the remedy to complete the task to ensure the fibre network is kept at its optimal performance.

What equipment we use

  • Live fibre identifies

  • OTDR’s

  • OILM testers

  • Video inspection probes and software

What types of networks?

  • Local area networks (LAN’s)

  • Core networks

  • Telecom operator networks

  • Date Centres

If you are interested in our fibre network audit then please feel free to contact us and a member of staff will be able to assist you.