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Fibre Optic Testing Specialists

TNS are experts in the field of fibre optic testing, all our engineers are fully trained to industry standards in all aspects of testing fibre optical networks, and this is backed by our industry approved fibre optics training centre based in Staffordshire.​

Today’s modern day requires high bandwidth the use of fibre optic cable has advanced and is now a cost effective solution for all businesses and organisations. With this in mind fibre optic testing has become a critical part of installation tasks and requires expensive equipment to validate the network performance.

OTDR testing
Fibre Optic Testing Specialists

OTDR Testing

OTDR stands for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer it is used by specialist trained personnel who have the ability to operate this machinery, it uses pulses of light to measure losses in optical fibre and requires the use of launch and tail leads to measure the fibre span.​​​​​​​

All employees of TNS are trained in advanced OTDR testing engineers are able to interpret test results and identify faults within a fibre optic network. OTDR test equipment is very expensive TNS are equipped with the latest state of the art OTDR testers from Viavi and Exfo.

Insertion Loss Testing

TNS carry out insertion loss testing (ILM) on all optical fibre networks, this is done using specialist test equipment and performed to industry standards, we have different types of ILM test equipment depending on the type of fibre cable, singlemode or multimode fibre. recent advances in testing now requires encircled flux testing to be carried out, TNS has invested in new test equipment to meet the new industry standard.

Video Inspection

At TNS we are able to carry out inspection of the end face of fibre this can be done as part of a maintenance/audit service we offer all clients. Video Inspection of fibres produce images of the end of the fibre that is terminated onto a connector called a ferule.

With specialist equipment we can test the ferule to ensure it is clean and free from scratches, dirt and even been terminated correctly the report splits the connector into different zones and the software tests each zone and produces a picture of the end of the fibre and will give it a pass or fail and a detailed report. Most people seem to think that a brand new sealed fibre patch cord is clean and free from defaults, unfortunately this isn’t the case.

85% of faults in a fibre network are caused by contaminated fibres, as individuals assume they are clean 40% of faults in a fibre network are caused by poor installation methods by individuals saying they are fibre optic installers and using cheap fibre optic products.

Third party testing

TNS carry out third party fibre testing for end users and installers, as we are fully equipped our engineers can quickly identify potential issues and faults with a fibre network we can assist any organisation with the following:

  • OILM Optical Insertion Loss Testing​

  • OTDR testing of singlemode and multimode networks

  • Fibre network Audits

  • Encircled Flux testing (New ILM Testing Standard)

  • Fault identification

To discuss our fibre optic testing services please contact us on 01782 914001 or email us on or use the contact us page.
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