Fibre to the Business

Total Network solutions (TNS) are well versed in providing fibre optic network installation services to businesses. We have over the years worked for many service providers completing business installations for leased lines, dark fibre circuits and managed services to their clients.

We have also delivered a number of projects over the years, for alternative providers by installing pure fibre broadband solutions in business parks and business centres around the country for providers on the what was the connection voucher scheme now the Gigabit Voucher Scheme. We have worked with service providers, building owners and landlords to deliver solutions that enable the use of the vouchers to enable business to get pure fibre broadband.

Landlord & Business Park Fibre Optic Solution

Landlords and business parks owners need to take action to enable them to get faster broadband for their tenants, and take advantage of the scheme and claim the vouchers which means no major costs we can work with landlords, tenants and alternative providers to enable buildings and business parks and help business prosper, the vouchers are only available for pure fibre solutions, everyone benefits from the scheme but more so do the landlords as empty office space isn't good when you poor broadband connection. Broadband is always checked by potential customers and is probably the most important as it is one of the largest utilities.


Why choose TNS 

We at Total Network Solution can help Tenants, Landlords, business park and business centres and approved voucher scheme providers to implement a solution that meets the requirements of the government to allow the funding, we have a number of solutions which use pure fibre optic technology and can deliver speeds up to 10gbs. 

We have worked with vendors to come up a with a solution that is easily controlled and managed this is an ideal solution for these environments we work with you and if required a chosen service provider, we have a proven track record of delivery so you can be assured you are in safe hands we have our own installation teams all of which are vocationally trained to ensure we deliver the best quality of service.

TNS Methodology

We have a proven methodology for delivery of fibre optic network services and liaising with multiple points of contact for project delivery.

For voucher scheme projects we work with the service provider, landlords and facility management teams we start with an initial consultation and then progress to a plan once a plan has been approved and the end clients have been approved the installation of the network commences on completion and testing the network would then be ready to go live and start implementing either a Point to Point (P2P) or Point to multi point (P2MP) PON solution.

The active equipment is then installed and end clients connected, at this stage speed tests are recorded and numerous testing is also done, and the end client is handed over.

The system is then managed by either the landlord or the voucher provider or if requested we can do this for you as part of a maintenance regime.

If you would like to discuss the how TNS could help with landlord and business centre solutions for pure fibre optic delivery then please drop us a line either on the telephone 01782914001 or by email