Fibre to the Home

Installation Services

Fibre to the home will replace old legacy copper broadband as it uses the latest technology, it can be fibre point to point using either single fibre or a pair or use point to multi point, using passive optical network and use GPON technology to deliver ultrafast broadband to home users.


From a fibre hub or distribution node a fibre will be installed into a dwelling and terminated on an ONT optical network terminal, this device will provide your telephone line using fibre and VoIP technology and provide high speed fibre broadband and HD television over one single fibre.

Fibre to the home delivery

Delivering fibre to the home requires a skilled work force we know and have seen some networks that have poor quality installations that have been carried out by so called qualified and experienced contractors unfortunately there are lots of them around.


We believe in building only quality fibre networks, and use quality products and high precision machinery and test equipment, we have no issues on client carrying out quality audits and witness testing to ensure your network is being built correctly. as they say pay cheap you end up paying twice if not more, good quality contractors are hard to come by as most are busy.

When TNS build a network whether it be overhead or underground we like to do a hand over at each to the client to ensure they are happy with the quality and standard of workmanship and any remedial work can be corrected before moving on.


We test the network before handing over and connecting any end customers this way you know the core network is 100% this could be from the final termination points either on telegraph poles or underground boxes.

Customer Installation

TNS can carry out this task on behalf of service provider, this includes what we call the last mile , this could be a number of actions:

  • Fibre drop cable installation including splicing

  • Blown fibre installation

  • Customer splice point installation

  • Customer activation including testing

  • Fibre router installation and testing

Our teams are multi skilled in fibre delivery and are not guys who just plug in cables, we don't believe in deskilling as it can lead to issues especially in delivering local full fibre networks. Fibre hygiene is important but having a skilled engineer who understands fibre and how it works can save hours if not days on site. its not the same as copper cabling or wireless  access points, every db is important. 

If you are interested in our services then please feel free to contact us either by telephone 01782914001 or by email