FTTx Fibre Networks

Planning & Design Solutions

Total Network Solutions is offering external network planning and design solutions for network operators using our knowledge from years of wealth and experience using specialist platforms like GIS, CAD, and many others to aid the design of a network infrastructure.

No network is the same when it comes to planning and the different aspects of each network form a baseline whether it be a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), an Active Point to Point Network (P2P) or Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) or even a rural network. Over the years of experience in providing network design solutions we have become a go to for FTTx surveying, planning and designing whether it be an underground network using duct, or blown cable and fibre or overhead network design we have been able to provide cost effective solutions.

We understand our client needs by listening and understanding what they would like to achieve and then we plan, unlike some some companies who say this is what you are getting because they don't understand the clients requirements, our skilled resource have the knowledge and expertise in many fields not just one as a specialist contractor we have to be aware of each area and provide the most supportive solution for the client/service provider.

Total Network Solutions (Europe) Ltd are a specialised contractor who has built its reputation as a go to contractor for many operators and clients in the specialist area of fibre design and network deployment and are an approved Tier 1 and 2 contractor for many, having worked on many different types networks from air blown fibre (ABF), blown cable, mini cables, armoured cables, overhead ADSS, overhead PON, and overhead P2P networks, and microwave wireless networks. We work within the respective guidelines and work with many cable vendors specifying equipment, from customer subscriber boxes, fibre distribution boxes, external fibre joints, telegraph poles, duct and sub duct, box building etc, many organisations state they know all this but have probably never done it in the real world.

We at TNS believe in listening to the clients needs and expectations and then provide a solution based on that requirement not this is what you are getting, like some designers do. Recently we were approached by a provider moving into fibre wanted a pure fibre solution but must be kept within a tight budget, they were presented with a solution that wasn't costing in after the initial consultation we produced a design brief once we had agreed the brief we then went away, phase 2 produced a high level design concept with a cost for the core network. phase 3 we then produced detailed design with an estimated cost, this included a bill of materials (BOM) labour costs, this then met the clients budget where two previous companies had not and they produced what they understood, not what was required.

We look at all options not just what is required, we explain why we chose a specific solution and the benefits and drawbacks of all planning, designing and building is a specialist area you must understand the products, the hardware, the network requirements, the future plan and what is around the corner.

If you would like to talk to us about FTTx planning design please call our office on 01782 914001 or fill in the contact form