FTTX Solutions

Many different vendor, suppliers and operators are deploying fttx solutions all to suit their needs and their client needs, so have gone with full fibre some have gone with copper and fibre and some with hybrid solutions and some with wireless. 

So what does fttx stand for fibre to the X where X can be a number of solutions and there are plenty around with many different spin offs so lets look at a few common ones:

  • FTTP = Fibre to the premises

  • FTTH = Fibre to the home

  • FTTC = Fibre to the cabinet

  • FTTA = Fibre to the antenna

  • FTTD = Fibre to the desk

  • FTTB = Fibre to the business

There are many others out there, there is a vast array of products and solutions on the market for different solutions being deployed there is no set standard as many network operators build in their own way and with different product sets, all depending on the environment it is being deployed and the operators choice of equipment.

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Why work with TNS

Over the years Total Network Solutions (TNS) has worked with clients and operators on various network deployments and taking a solution from proof of concept through to network delivery, and even training of field staff. We like to share our knowledge and expertise with others to assist and speed up deployments.

We have knowledge of underground and overhead outside plant solutions, our core knowledge has come from the service provider background so we understand how important it is to service providers. We have assisted with:

We work across the whole of the United Kingdom and further afield in other countries if requested, we are well versed in passive optical networks (PONs) and active networks using point to point and multi point solutions, we have working knowledge of PIA/DPA with accredited engineers, so we can assist the alternative providers with deployments and installation on site, from rural broadband, multi dwellings, to just fibre optic jointing.

We have worked on the Openreach network via their tier 1 providers Telent & Morrison Utility Services (MUS) the network is easy to work on and is very challenging at times all our operatives are NRSWA trained and we also have our own in house civil's team for blockages and minor civils construction.

If you are interested in speaking with us to see if we can be of assistance then please feel free to contact us on 01782 914001 or via email info@tnscomms.co.uk or click on contact us page