Fibre Optic GPON Solutions

Total Network Solutions (TNS) are installing and commissioning Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) around the UK as part of connected cities connection voucher scheme. GPON is a fibre optic broadband solution for business centres and business parks.

GPON is a next generation access (NGA) solution using pure optical fibre solutionGPON helps reduce the cost of NGA fibre optic GPON broadband deployment it can provide speeds of 2.5gbps download and 1.25gbs upload, it provides an asymmetrical service

Why GPON from TNS

TNS will install the right solution for a business centre/park to ensure the client gets the fastest broadband speed. TNS has been building and designing broadband networks across the globe. WE don’t believe in installing copper based networks like most providers are installing on the connection voucher scheme.

Pure fibre technology

By installing fibre throughout the business centre and business parks it allows us to connect customers with pure fibre, no copper wires involved, that’s pure fibre to the customer’s premises equipment (CPE) this can be done as part of a landlord solution or a fully managed solution from TNS.

Landlords can enable their business centre as part of the connection voucher scheme by working with TNS to deliver a pure fibre solution, why settle for second best. Having ultrafast fibre benefits everyone as pure fibre is not dependant on the quality of the copper wires or the distance from an exchange.

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Benefits of Pure Fibre Technology

  • Future Proof

  • Pure fibre

  • Faster download than Copper

  • Faster Upload speeds

  • Not affected by distance

  • Not affected by the weather

  • Delivered on Pure fibre

  • Cost effective

Common questions regarding broadband

Q. I have fibre broadband from another provider...

A. if it is an FTTC wholesale product then it’s not fed on fibre. FTTC stands for fibre to the cabinet it still uses the copper wires to feed your business. Fibre is at the street side cabinet the further away you are the less speed you get.

Q. What speed will I get?

A. that depends on the service you sign up for 30/50/100