Guarantees & Warranties

Total Network Solutions (TNS) are industry leaders in the area of data transmission and delivery.

All installations carried out by TNS are covered through an in-house guarantee, as well as long-standing manufacturer’s warranties. The guarantee states; invoices are only raised when a customer is totally satisfied with the standard of workmanship.

Manufacturers utilised by TNS include:

  • Nexans

  • Draka

  • Excel

  • Optronics

How do manufacturers issue a warranty?

During initial communications the manufacturer is informed of a project. The proposal is submitted, this document is signed off by the client. The manufacturer may wish to visit the site or make suggestions to ensure the design meets the recommended standard.

Upon completion of a project test data is analysed to ensure there are no anomalies. Following this process all documentation is sent to the manufacturer, this includes:

  • A bill of materials

  • As built site drawings

  • Test results (utilising calibrated equipment)

Only once the manufacturer is happy a 25 year warranty is issued.

As a Nexans Certified Solutions Partner TNS go through rigorous training each year. This sets the Company apart from smaller organisations.

By selecting TNS for your cabling solutions you are assured state of the art equipment will be utilised, added to this the installation will having the backing from a leading manufacturer. Please note there are no charges for in-depth testing.

If you would like more information on guarantees and warranties please call 01782 914001, email or utilise the website forms. A member staff will endeavour to respond to your request as quickly as possible.