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Physical Infrastructure Access
Installation & Surveying Solutions

Total Network Solutions have experience in working on Openreach Network and has trained operatives that have completed the full range of Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) accreditation modules for both underground and overhead installation and surveying. PIA is an Openreach product that allows other communication providers access to poles and duct, only if they are approved and Openreach have granted access to the communications provider, as you can imagine there is strict processes in place to monitor and aid CP's.

Why use PIA?

Using Openreach PIA solution can aid the speed of deployment for many communication providers, by being allowed access to poles and duct. This can reduce the cost for communication providers by using existing infrastructure, that is already in place. However just because there is existing infrastructure in place does not mean you can just jump in, orders may have been placed or planned projects could of reserved space within the ducts or on poles.

PIA Surveying

Openreach has devised a number of accreditation modules for surveying in or on there network infrastructure operatives must hold the relevant physical infrastructure access (PIA) accreditation's to be able to work on the Openreach network these are different than normal Openreach accreditation's but have been designed for the communication providers and contractors working for them, there are two separate surveying modules.

  • Overhead Surveying

  • Underground Surveying

Physical Infrastructure Access Installation & Surveying Solutions

There is a process and procedures to follow before commencing with a route survey which TNS are fully conversant with, and TNS have developed a number of reports to capture the correct information that is required by Openreach as part of the documentation process, we have worked with communication providers to aide them with delivery of their proposals from the proof of concept to network delivery. Working from high level designs to providing information for low level detailed designs.


Our surveyors complete approved paperwork as every client is different not one document suits all, surveying is probably the most important aspect of the plan, as the designers will need the information so it can be inputted into a platform. Even once that has been completed a pre deployment and final checks is vital as things change.

PIA Installation & Testing

TNS are fully conversant with the installation procedures on the Openreach network having worked on the network prior to PIA TNS has worked for openreach via their Tier 1 providers and still do, so we understand the quality requirements for installation.

We have experience in fibre network delivery on both underground and overhead for various disciplines these include:

  • Sub Duct installation

  • Blockage Clearance

  • Blown Cable

  • Blown Fibre Tubing

  • Blown Fibre bundles

  • Passive Optical Networks (PON)

  • Ethernet Delivery

  • Overhead Fibre Span

  • Overhead/Underground Distribution Points

  • Fibre Jointing, spine and access network

  • Overhead Fibre Drop Cabling

  • Last mile installation

  • Customer installation

  • OTDR Testing

  • Quality Audit Checks

  • Cabinet installation

So as you can see TNS are well equipped and experienced in network delivery not just on openreach network but many others, all staff are trained and hold vocational qualifications like NRSWA, fibre jointing and testing, EUSR Telecoms safety cards etc, and are accredited for PIA.

If you would like to discuss PIA then please call 01782 914001 or contact us via the contact us page or drop us an email 

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