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Empowering Excellence: Total Network Solutions and the Fibre Optic Industry Association

Total Network Solutions (TNS) stands as a proud member of the Fibre Optic Industry Association (FIA), underscoring our commitment to excellence and industry standards. As a corporate member of the FIA, TNS is part of the esteemed Accredited Installer Scheme (AIS), a testament to our dedication to best practices and continuous improvement.

The FIA operates with a clear mission: to promote standards that benefit the entire industry. This is achieved through representing members at national and international levels, with a board composed of industry experts who advise and promote the fibre optics sector. The FIA offers a range of valuable services to its members:

  • Specialised professional services like arbitration and auditing.

  • Access to industry-recognized accreditation schemes and professional development.

  • Expert technical advice and guidance.

  • An extensive library of technical resources.

  • A vibrant fibre optic community with members from all sectors of the industry.

  • Opportunities for members to showcase their products and services, collaborate, and share information.

The AIS, within the FIA, sets a benchmark for best practices and plays a pivotal role in helping installers elevate their standards and enhance their reputation. Moreover, it offers an added assurance for clients, highlighting the installer's commitment to quality and excellence.

From TNS's perspective, one of the most significant advantages of the AIS is the enduring relationship between the FIA and the installer. This ongoing partnership ensures:

  • Continued support in raising standards as industry practices evolve.

  • Ongoing professional development and education for installers.

  • Free access to the FIA's arbitration service, facilitating the resolution of any disputes that may arise.

At the helm of this collaborative effort is Mr. Paul Forster, Managing Director of Total Network Solutions (Europe) Ltd, who serves as a board member and currently holds the position of FTTx Director for the FIA. In this capacity, Mr. Forster advises FIA members on fibre-to-the-home, business, and premises installations. He works closely with the council and its members to set standards for installation and civil engineering within the industry. Additionally, Mr. Forster is a certified trainer for the FIA, reflecting TNS's status as an approved FIA training center.

This strategic partnership between TNS and the FIA not only elevates our capabilities but also reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional services while upholding industry standards. Through ongoing collaboration, education, and adherence to best practices, TNS and the FIA are driving innovation and excellence in the fibre optic industry, benefiting both our clients and the industry at large.

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