Tamworth Fibre Optic Installation Services

Total Network Solutions are experts in fibre optic installation and repair, we are Tamworth fibre optic specialist. Fibre optic installation and maintenance requires specialist trained engineers with years of experience to install and repair fibre optic cabling systems correctly.

Specialist equipment is required to install fibre optic networks these include:

  • Fibre optic Fusion Splicers

  • OTDR’s Optical Time Domain Reflectometers

  • Insertion Loss Measurement testers

TNS engineers come fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and engineers are fully conversant with installation techniques, backed by high quality training they have received. Our ability to design, install and commission fibre optic networks to the correct industry standards, whether this be a data communications network or a telecommunications network.

As demand for network speed and efficiency increase, TNS is seeing an uplift in popularity for their fibre optic installation services and consultation expertise.

The company specialise in the following technologies:

The main issue for local businesses is selecting the right equipment to suit their needs. During site inspections TNS are finding a high number of fibre installations have utilised the wrong type of cable, this is causing a lot of problems as rectifying the situation can result in the removal of extensive infrastructures. Those that hire the services of Main Contractors may believe they have a degree of protection. The issue here is twofold. Having the technical knowledge to determine the correct fibre optic cable is a highly technical. Second, as yet the cabling industry is unregulated in the United Kingdom.

By utilising the services of TNS, Tamworth based business, schools and colleges will be assured their fibre optic installations will serve them well in the short, medium and long term.

In Tamworth and the surrounding regions TNS have pioneered the installation of fibre optic systems. By utilising the services of highly quality engineers and state of the art equipment, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you would like to discuss fibre optic installation services, call 01782 914001 or email info@tnscomms.co.uk. TNS have the capability to have engineers on the ground within 24 hours.