Wireless Technology Solutions

Total Network Solutions (TNS) specialise in the provision and maintenance of wireless technology.

Selecting the most effective solution is a complex task. During an initial consultation our technicians analyse a client’s requirement before outlining a list of suitable options. Consideration is generally governed by distance, line of sight and bandwidth requirements.

In the past our organisation has been involved in many wireless based projects, these include:

  • Broadband Cumbria

  • Broadband Birmingham

  • Wireless access point deployments in many corporate and educational structures

By utilising microwave technology we have the capability to link buildings together over vast distances.

The starting point for a wireless project is to carry out an in-depth site survey; this is followed up with a consultation session. Following this we move into the design and planning stages, before moving onto the actual installation.

As the demand for increased bandwidth continues, TNS have the capability to deliver 10Gbit Ethernet over a Free Space Optic solution. This system is currently uncommon but growing in popularity.

High traffic links require the perfect structure to prevent network lag; we prevent this by installing Mobile Backhaul, CWDM or DWDM solutions.

Our engineers are fully versed in the deployment of wireless solutions; many of our team built valuable skills whilst serving in HM Forces. This is now being put to good use in the corporate, industrial, residential and educational sectors.

One thing is certain, if you require a professional solution for wireless based technology, you need to consider Total Network Solutions. To speak with our Support Team simply call 01782 914001, email info@tnscomms.co.uk  or utilise our website forms.