Fibre to the business

Total Network solutions (TNS) are well versed in providing fibre optic networks to businesses. We have delivered a number of projects over the years, and we can design and install new fibre optic networks within business centres. We can connect every office with fibre and install an optical network terminal (router) providing a robust, fast and reliable network.

Our fibre optic network solution is fast and secure with symmetrical speeds of 1 gigabit using a point to point solution. We install optical line terminals (OLT) into a central location in agreement with the landlord/client. The building is then installed with fibre optic cable to a fibre distribution node (FDN) and then direct into the clients office where the ONT is fitted.

This solution is ideal for landlords who require a fully managed system or who want to own a fast broadband solution in their business centre.

Fibre To The Office FTTO

TNS can provide every customer with superfast fibre broadband, no copper wires being utilised. Telephone lines are provided using VoIP technology, the ONT can provide up to 8 gigabit Ethernet ports allowing multiple devices to be connected, including corporate firewalls, servers and telephone systems.

Our open access next generation fibre broadband solution is the perfect fit for businesses who need reliable fast broadband. TNS provide and install the complete solution and will also maintain it if required.

If you are a landlord or a tenant in a business centre and would like a free consultation, or you are in one of the eligible cities qualifying for a £3000.00 voucher, call us today. We are approved as part of the Connected Cities voucher scheme.