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Fibre Optic Local Area Networks

Over the years fibre technology has evolved and an increase in Fibre Optic solutions within local area networks instead of just being a link to conventional switched local area network and conventional copper-based networks. Full fibre solutions are starting to emerged as cost effective solution.

The increase of passive optical networks especially in corporate, education and hospitality sectors are benefitting and adding value added savings.

In today’s modern world we are all reliant on communications and we all expect a quality service whether we are sat in an airport, hotel, or a hospital. But the problem we all face is we are still on an old legacy copper-based network.

With copper structured cabled networks we are limited to distance we can install cables hence the reason we have a fibre backbone, with this the category of cable used can be expensive and overtime will need to be replaced, and to add to this as we are transmitting data down each one they are generating heat, it also maybe carrying power to power up a remote devices that uses power over ethernet (POE) like wireless access points, cameras etc.

At Total Network Solutions, we can reduce this by implementing a full passive optical network (PON) solution reducing costs from expensive upgrades of legacy copper and fibre. Reducing space from bulky cable trays, reducing carbon footprint from network equipment, and reducing the amount of power consumed from bulky network switches that are deployed in a network.

•    Healthcare
•    Education
•    Hotels
•    Corporate LAN’s
•    Public areas 
•    Residential blocks

As we use full fibre solution you will not be restricted on distance or bandwidth like we are on conventional structured cabling networks. Power consumption can be reduced by up to 83%, also the amount of space saved is also reduced so there would be no more need for wall mounted cabinets or power distribution units, this adds a huge cost saving on maintenance.

The conventional data cabling outlet would be replaced with a fibre network terminal 4-8 port with POE + these can be fitted to a desk or the wall, the only copper cabling is the patch cord to connect PC’s/Laptops,  etc, these devices also incorporate wireless access point giving you a full wired/wireless solution. As the device provides POE for up to 8 ports per CPE, it allows IP phones, Wireless access points and other powered devices to be connected without adding additional POE switch.

If you would like to talk to us about Fibre Optic Local Area Networks ’s or conventional networking please contact us on 01782 914001 or email us on or use the contact us page.

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