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Brown Fibre Installation Services

TNS are trained in blown fibre solutions. Blown fibre installation requires specialist teams to carry out the installation tasks associated with blown fibre. We are accredited by many of the world leaders in blown fibre technology, and use it as part of our FTTx solution for broadband services.

What is blown fibre?

Blown fibre has been around for many years, and was first introduced by BT. Over the years it has evolved and is now used on most modern networks including:

  • Telecommunications networks

  • Local area networks

  • Metropolitan networks

  • FTTx solutions

Installation of blow duct

The installation of blow duct, allows organisation to upgrade their network cost effectively. This is done by installing multiple core blow duct from the first day of installation. By installing these specially manufactured micro ducts a network can be easily managed and maintained. The benefits of blown fibre allows the following:

  • Easy to upgrade

  • Easy to add new building within a complex

  • Easy to repair in fault conditions compared to normal fibre

  • Quicker installation reducing on going costs

​Installing blown fibre

TNS provide installation of blown fibre and cable. Once the micro ducts are installed blown fibre units can be installed and these can start from a single fibre up to a 12 core fibre. Blown cable counts start from 24 to 244 core blown fibre cable and requires specialist plant equipment. The benefits of blown are:

  • Upgrade from a 2 core to a 12 core without relaying cables

  • Reduced installation costs

  • Easily install a network from internal to external to internal without fusion splicing

  • Fibre span sections can be quickly repaired under fault conditions

Blown fibre can be installed in all types of environments unlike conventional fibre it can be quickly easily upgraded it is used in the following environments:

  • High rise buildings allowing fibre tubes to break out on multiple floors

  • Campus networks

  • Hospitals networks

  • Fibre to the home/business

  • And many more scenarios

Brown Fibre Installation Services
Brown Fibre Installation Services

If you would like to talk to us about fibre optics, be it blown or conventional fibre please contact us on 01782 914001 or email us on or use the contact us page.

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