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Fibre Optic Installation Contractor

Constant evolvement throughout the IT and Telecommunications sector and the high demand for efficiency, employing the correct fibre optic installation contractor is vitally important backed with quality and safety systems and professionally trained staff as part of the process means. TNS only deliver quality installations with the correct technical knowledge and expertise to ensure clients networks run smoothly and error free to ensure the transmission of light down the optical fibre cables.

Due to the current demand for fibre optic systems professional fibre optic installers and contractors are in demand with quality practices and professional qualifications. But most importantly experience installing fibre optic systems, and being able to troubleshoot and rectify faults within a fibre optic network. We at TNS believe in quality and safety and ensures all staff stay within our compliance and work to standards. Unfortunately this isn't the same across the industry. We believe in providing a quality installation service for all our clients. We have delivered a number of large projects here in the UK but also further afield like Europe, Africa, we can work globally if required.

TNS Comms - fibre installers

These solutions are installed into:

  • Office environments

  • Industrial sites

  • Residential buildings

  • Educational structures

  • Data centres

  • Wind farms

  • Solar Farms

Technicians at TNS analyse a system and its environment before producing a detailed proposal.

As specialist fibre optic installation contractor, working UK wide and further afield into Europe or globally our clients choose us, for our quality of workmanship and our professionalism backed with technical knowledge and expertise from top level management right down to field staff. Whether this be inside buildings MDU, or enterprise network installations, Data centres, business parks for business installations or external networks, PON network builds or point to point networks. Our experience in Fibre to the home/business (FTTx) has lead us to become the go to fibre optic installation contractor for many service providers our services include:

  • Fibre optic jointing (splicing)

  • Fibre cable installation internal networks or external networks, including blowing of spine cables in trunk routes.

  • Fibre optic testing Tier 1 and Tier 2 using OTDR's, CD/PMD testing

  • Fibre network fault finding and resolution.

People turn to TNS for fibre optic installation's because we guarantee a professional solution's we have over 30 years experience in within the industry and the company has grown since its inception in 2008.

  • We are member of the Fibre Optics Industry Association (FIA) approved installer scheme (AIS)

  • Our staff are educated to high standards 

  • We invest and utilise state of the art equipment

  • We have worked on many top level projects including VX Fibre, Sky, OFNL, BUUK Group, Virgin Media, Openreach, and Talk Talk.

  • We can prove our knowledge and experience with client references and examples of our work

TNS Comms - fibre installers

To discuss our fibre optic installation solutions please contact us on 01782 914001 or email us on or use the contact us page.

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