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Cold Aisle Solutions
Installation & Design Services

As data centres strive to reduce energy consumption and make cost savings and move to green data centres showing clients that they are energy efficient cold aisle and pod solutions are being implemented.​

TNS have a wealth of experience in this arena and are approved installers of cold aisle solutions by many global leading manufacturers as technology advances so does cold and hot aisle solutions. We have the ability to design and install these cold aisle solutions and work closely with the data centre and manufacturers to implement the solutions.

Design of Cold Aisles

A well designed cold and hot aisle reduces the operational expenditure as well as reducing the carbon footprint. A well designed aisle would be kept at the optimum temperature and would force the cold air up through the floor into the cabinets and disperse it either through the top or rear of the cabinet where the hot air is extracted.

A typical cold aisle solution would be sealed all round with a collapsible ceiling and sliding doors either end. The whole pod would be fitted with environmental monitoring and security products like combination locks or door access control, IP CCTV for advanced security or even bio metrics. Other solutions exist and even liquid cooled cabinets.

Network cabling forms a vital role within the data centre a well-designed solution including containment is vital at the early stages a typical aisle could have hundreds or even thousands of individual copper cables and thousands of fibre optic ports, the right size and depths of containment need to allow for future growth.

Power Distribution

Power Distribution units (PDU’s) need to allow clients to monitor their energy consumption intelligent PDU’s play an important factor and allows clients to monitor network hardware the use of DCIM software by data centre managers is now used extensively by data centre owners and clients, it allows all aspects of monitoring from intelligent managed patch panels through to environmental monitoring.

Our Support Team are on hand to provide all the necessary information you require.

To make contact regarding our cold aisle design and installation services, simply contact us on 01782 914001 or email us on or use the contact us page.

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