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Fibre Optic Data Centres

Data centres host a vast array of services and applications and are critical to businesses as they use cloud based services, high bandwidth demand for these services requires fibre optic cabling in data centres, to cope with the bandwidth that storage area networks require.

Fibre optic data centres requires hundreds if not thousands of fibre terminations to connect network hardware together within the data centres to ensure mission critical data is transferred between devices. These devices may include:

  • Network switches

  • Servers

  • Storage area networks

  • Colocation rooms

  • Suite lines

The importance of choosing an experienced organisation like TNS is critical, engineers need to experience in fibre optic cabling to ensure mission critical services stay up and running, all our engineers are experienced in data centre activities and work on behalf of clients worldwide, who have data centres in the UK and Europe.

Choosing the correct fibre optic cabling solution is critical for these bandwidth hungry centres, they need to be installed and terminated correctly, through consultation service with the client and data centre managers the fibre optic data centre solution can be quickly achieved without the costly upgrade later.

Our engineers go through years of rigorous training they are all accredited by the manufacturer, and also hold vocational accreditation's endorsed by City and Guilds and the FIA, we ensure they are kept up to date in installation and testing standards to ensure our clients are in safe hands.

We are approved by many global manufacturers and to meet the strict criteria put in place by them, so that we can offer warranted cabling solutions some of the manufacturers include:

  • Nexans

  • Excel

  • Draka

  • Emtelle Blown Fibre

  • Prysmian Blown Fibre

  • Hubbell

  • Corning

Fibre optic cabling within the data centres needs to be designed to meet not just today’s requirement but also the future, it requires skilled engineers to install different types of fibre optic cabling, many organisations outsource these types of work to organisation like TNS.

Choosing the right type of cabling can be complicated but left in the hands of our experts we are here to advise the best solution for your requirement these may include:

  • Multimode or Singlemode

  • Pre terminated fibre


  • Optical distribution frames

  • High density panels

  • Fusion splicing

Data centre managers and end clients choose TNS for our expertise and knowledge gained through industry experience as we are able to offer a complete solution within the data centre. Data centre managers and clients use our services to carry out complex tasks to their mission critical networks housed within data centres worldwide, these include some of the following tasks:

  • Data centre cabling

  • Fibre optic cabling

  • Data centre relocations

  • Design and Build of Cold Aisle

  • Data centre audits

  • Fibre optic testing

  • Network audits

  • Cabinet designs

  • Hot and Cold aisle solutions

  • Third party testing and verification

To discuss our data centre solutions services please contact us on 01782 914001 or email us on or use the contact us page.

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