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Cable Blowing Services

Total Network Solutions are well versed in blowing fibre optic cables from small micro cables through to large cables, having the best of the breed blowing machines and correct airflow we have exceeded blowing over 1 million kilometres ranging from 12 through to 576 fibre cables of various sizes.


On one project alone in 3 months we blew a new fibre network exceeding 280 kilometres of 576 fibre in many challenging environments in a new directly buried sub duct network.

The distances achieved depends on the route of the network and the quality of the installation of the sub duct or directly buried duct. The problem becomes known when testing the route prior to blowing and air pressure testing routes prior to any cable blowing activities. Unfortunately, not all civils contractors understand and follow the correct procedures of laying duct and sub duct. This has a huge impact on the end client, who needs to get cables in the ground to light up their networks ready for service so they can start earning revenue from the new networks they deploy.

Cable blowing has many advantages over conventional cable pulling techniques and is far superior, allows for quicker deployments and can be blown further from central locations and reduces the need for additional splicing.

Our cabling teams carry out sub duct and cable installations and termination of ancillaries, we carry out all pre checks prior to installation and identify issues like blockages and complete A55 documentation to allow our experienced civils engineering teams to quickly clear them.

By using TNS for your cable blowing you will be using our experienced operatives, who are trained to blow various cables through the network the cabling teams have experience on working Openreach Network, City Fibre Network, VX Fibre to name a few.

All our work is fully documented with cable lengths, A55’s joint locations, date time stamps, and geo locations, safe dig utility prints it also has street works permitting. Our system is live so as it’s updated in the field our clients and back-office staff can see any potential issues and job completions.

TNS have experience with proven our knowledge and experience in delivering blown cable projects, we provide cabling service so we can install single and multiple ducts within the network and have a wealth of experience working with many suppliers and service providers including PIA accreditations for the Openreach network. We work as their Tier 1 & 2 contractor for all aspects of cabling and civil engineering. As a full turnkey provider we assist clients with the following activities:·        

  • Overhead cabling.

  • Blown fibre cabling.

  • Duct and subduct installation.

  • Passive Optical Networks (PON) deployments.

  • Fibre optic jointing. (Splicing)

  • Fibre optic network testing and commissioning.

  • Fibre characterisation testing CD/PMD.

  • Civil engineering, ducting, chamber installation.

  • Blockage clearance

  • Quality Audit Checks

Cable Blowing Services
Cable Blowing Services

If you would like to discuss how we could assist you with cable blowing projects then please call 01782 914001 or contact us via the contact us page or drop us an email 

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