Fibre Cable Blowing

Sub Duct Installation & Testing

Total Network Solutions are experienced in providing cable blowing services on the external networks using specialist cable blowing machines that we have purchased from CBS, we are fully equipped with CBS Jet Stream and Kaiser M17 compressors, we also have blowing machines for air blown fibre. These machines  allow us to blow cables into a sub duct network without the cables being pulled under stress. Our teams are trained to carry out pressure testing to ensure there are no leaks and then carry out cable blowing services.

The distances achieved depends on the route and how many bends. So it is important to remember that it is also important to remember that if you have poor quality sub duct installation with ducts being kinked and seals not made off correctly this reduce the performance.  Our cabling teams carry out sub duct and cable installations and termination of ancillaries throughout the United Kingdom. Our teams are fully equipped for the task all our trained operatives that have completed the full range of courses including Openreach accreditation's, and vocational training like new road and street works, (NRSWA), fibre jointing and testing, energy and utilities skills register (EUSR) telecoms, and many others.

Why use TNS for cable blowing

By using TNS for your cable blowing you will be using our in house experienced operatives, who are trained to blow various cables through the network the cabling teams have experience on working Openreach network who are still paving the way in blown cable solutions. 


Cable blowing equipment is expensive and requires other specialist equipment and training. Blowing cables using compressed air is becoming the norm especially as cables are getting smaller with the use of micro cables. The sub ducts that they are installed into provide protection but it also causes less frictions than standard cable installation using pulling equipment and winches.


We have processes and procedures in place as well a robust health and safety system, we use electronic documentation that is updated live in the field this allows for quicker reporting and billing but also for reporting issues which allows the back office staff to liaise with the client.

External Cable Blowing

TNS have experience with proven our knowledge and experience in delivering blown cable projects, we provide cabling service so we cab install single and multiple ducts within the network and have a wealth of experience working with many suppliers and service providers including the Openreach network, working through via their Tier 1 & 2 providers. We understand the quality requirements for installation and the challenges that are out there on the various networks and we do try and rise above them.


We have experience in fibre network delivery for a variety of disciplines these include:

  • Ultra Lightweight Cabling

  • Blown Fibre Tubing

  • Blown Fibre bundles

  • Overhead Passive Optical Networks (PON)

  • Fibre Access Terminals 

  • Fibre Jointing, spine and access network

  • Overhead Fibre Drop Cables

  • Customer Splice Points

  • Last mile installation

  • Customer installation

  • OTDR Testing

  • Quality Audit Checks


So as you can see TNS are well equipped and experienced in network delivery not just on openreach network but many others, all staff are trained and hold vocational qualifications like NRSWA, fibre jointing and testing, EUSR Telecoms safety cards etc, and are accredited for Openreach network.

If you would like to discuss how we could assist you with cable blowing projects then please call 01782 914001 or contact us via the contact us page or drop us an email