Fibre to the home Solutions

Fibre to the home will replace old legacy copper broadband as it uses the latest technology, it can be fibre point to point or use point to multi point PON passive optical network and use GPON to deliver fast broadband to home users.

From a fibre hub or distribution node a fibre will be installed into a dwelling and terminated on an ONT optical network terminal, this device will provide your telephone line using fibre and VoIP technology and provide high speed fibre broadband and HD television over one single fibre.

TNS has designed an open next generation broadband solution and is currently being deployed around the UK. Unlike other providers who offer fibre to the cabinet solution customers seem to think they are connected via fibre unfortunately this isn’t the case FTTC has access equipment in the cabinet and still feeds homes via copper wires.

Our vision is to deliver high quality fibre solution to homes replacing old copper slow band solutions, we are working with developers, consultants on new builds of houses and apartments to deliver a true optical fibre solution.

If you are interested in talking to a fibre optic broadband consultant please call us on 01782 914001 or email us at or utilise the contact forms.