TNS were tasked by Vobiss Solutions Ghana to install and commission a fibre to the home system within a private estate in Africa. The task required an aerial installation of fibre optic cable around a complex utilising the exiting power pole infrastructure, as no ducts were available within the estate.

The broadband solution was developed in partnership with Powerline Technologies, a leading specialist in broadband technology.

Powerline’s product provides broadband over an electricity supply, utilising fibre optic interconnects. It allows customers to connect to the network via the mains electricity supply.

The fibre optic network was built with an effective backup system. In the event of a failure it would automatically switch to an alternative route.

Total Network Solutions completed this task within 3 weeks, connecting 190 homes. On completion local Vobiss staff were trained, this allowed for in-house maintenance should the need arise.

Usen Antia from Vobiss Solutions commented. This was our very first broadband delivery project, and thanks to Paul and his team at TNS it ran very smoothly, we now have a plan to rollout this solution throughout the whole of Ghana. TNS came highly recommended from OFS, a worldwide fibre optic manufacturer. We needed a partner to work with to help deliver this complex broadband service at our trial site. TNS stood out from other companies because they had delivered similar projects in the UK and mainland Europe.