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Fibre Optic Installation

Constant evolvement throughout the IT sector and a high demand for efficiency means data is being channelled round networks in a more effective manner. These improvements have only been possible through the widespread use of fibre optic cabling.

Due to the current demand for fibre optic systems they are now cheaper than copper based solutions. Single mode fibre can now be integrated with DWDM and CWDM solutions, allowing for multiple wavelengths to be transmitted across a single fibre, this is proving to be cost effective for our customers.

Fibre Optic Installation

These solutions are installed into:

  • Office environments

  • Industrial sites

  • Residential buildings

  • Educational structures

  • Data centres

  • Wind farms

  • Oil rigs

Technicians at TNS analyse a system and its environment before producing a detailed proposal.

Areas of analysis include:

  • Environment (internal or external cable)

  • Single or multi-mode solution (distance related)

  • Bandwidth required

People turn to TNS for fibre optic installation because we guarantee a professional solution, why?

  • We have an industry recognised Training Centre for fibre optic solutions

  • We are endorsed by, City & Guilds, BTEC and the Fibre Optic Association

  • We utilise state of the art equipment

  • We fusion splice all cables

  • All our staff are trained to the highest possible standard

  • We have worked on many top level projects (Virgin Media, BT, Talk Talk)

  • We can prove our ability

Fibre Optic Installation

To discuss our fibre optic installation solutions and cost saving measures please contact us on 01782 914001 or email us on or use the contact us page.

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