A1 Trade Print Services are a specialist design and print company based in Birmingham. This organisation required IT support in relocating and modifying an existing network. TNS along with other companies were given the opportunity to tender. Due to their all-round expertise and fair pricing policy, TNS were successfully awarded the task.

After carrying out detailed analysis of the requirement it was agreed to install a new server cabinet in a remote location, fully supported by a Nexans CAT6 solution. The existing cabinets were to be linked via an OM3 optical fibre ring. Project Managers from TNS played a key role in the production of the implementation plan.

Due to the fact A1 Trade Print Services run a constant 24/7 operation, engineers had to meticulously plan and implement their work so the minimal disruption was felt on the shop floor.

Within 6 days this technical task had been completed, this included testing and the reconfiguration of incoming services. Minimal disruption to the workplace had been felt and the management at A1 Trade Print Services were delighted with the technical support and professional service they had received.