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Civil engineering

Updated: Mar 12

Total Network Solutions (Europe) Ltd work for multiple clients in multiple activities from telecommunications and electrical sectors where we are tasked with providing solutions. Within these activities we cover all aspects of civil engineering tasks.

· Pre site surveys.

· Streetworks permitting.

· Obtaining permissions from other utility providers and joint meetings

· Signing, Lighting and Guarding of the work area

· Excavations

· Reinstatement

In the telecommunications sector we are qualified to work for large number of clients performing various tasks, like network construction of new network deployments, or carrying out routine maintenance of the telecommunications network. There are many tasks involved in a telecommunications network installation these include the following:

· Duct installation, new track, and overlays

· Blockage clearance

· Chamber construction

· Core drilling of existing chamber

· Damaged frame and covers

· Emergency response to damaged infrastructure.

As TNS are a turnkey solutions provider we ensure that all work is carried out to the correct specifications and follow the Highways Authority and Utilities Committee (HAUC) and The ‘Specification of the reinstatement of openings in highways’ (SROH) outlines the standards for reinstating streets after completing street works.

We work on various projects, and include linking buildings with ducts in industrial and educations sectors.

All staff are fully qualified holding the relevant streetworks qualification and follow the correct procedures for locating other utilities by carrying out Health & Safety guidance article 47 and using cable avoidance tools and generators (CAT & GENNY) with GPS mapping as evidence, and utility prints, and performing trial holes to locate services undetected by the CAT & Genny.

We carry out the same for electrical work which we are contracted by clients to lay new duct from existing electrical cables to new locations for street lighting, and traffic signals where TNS will excavate an area for new electrical jointing bays, lay new duct to new street lights columns or signage and install new electrical cables as requested by the client, and reinstate the public footpaths and highways.

If you have any queries regarding civil engineering tasks please feel free to contact us

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