Skyline Business Park Gets Pure Fibre

TNS delivered ultrafast pure fibre optic broadband in the capital, at Skylines Business Park, London. TNS was engaged by a supplier part of the government connection voucher scheme under connected cities to design and install an ultrafast fibre optic broadband solution for a business park in London, the aim was to provide ultrafast fibre optic broadband to Skyline business village located in the Isle of Dogs, London.

After months of planning and redesign changes the project final started in December 2014, with kilo meters of singlemode fibre optic installed and terminated from a central point of presence (POP) within the business park. The project was completed in weeks and TNS installed a core network of 144 fibres around the business village and then 4 fibres to 49 building on the business park allowing future growth for the landlord, the residents of the business park were receiving poor broadband speeds delivered on copper technology averaging around 6-10mbs down.

Using the latest technology, fibre point to point technology OLT/ONT businesses can now have 1 gigabit per second broadband, each individual business is fed on one single fibre to an optical network terminal (ONT) CPE allowing ultrafast fibre broadband with no copper wires, and telephone numbers were transferred into VoIP numbers.

The technology installed by TNS advances the technology used by most providers, where clients actually think they are being served with fibre using fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) when actually it is only copper using Vdsl.

The fibre to the business (FTTB) was a huge success and the businesses on Skyline village are one of the first to benefit from dedicated ultrafast fibre optic broadband.

TNS offer many different ultrafast fibre solutions and conventional broadband which many organisations are reaping the benefit of dedicated ultrafast fibre and waving good bye to slow band technology.

Ultrafast dedicated pure fibre optic broadband is the future no more up to speeds on copper lines with dedicated fibre you can achieve symmetrical speeds of 1 gigabit in both directions. With fibre Ethernet and GPON you can also say goodbye to expensive leased lines from the major carriers.